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This function is used to convert a numerical value into its equivalent textual representation, e.g. 123 becomes One Hundred and Twenty Three.  Used in the format of =textamount(value[,"MajorCurrency"][,"MinorCurrency"]) where:

value is either a value entered manually, or a reference to a cell that contains a value

MajorCurrency is the wording applied to values before a decimal point (e.g. Rand, Dollars, etc.)

MinorCurrency is the wording applied to values after a decimal point (e.g. Cents)

Value is a required field, while MajorCurrency and MinorCurrency are optional.

The textamount function can be combined with the builtin Excel text functions, e.g. combining with the builtin upper function as =upper(textamount(123)) will result in ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE while combining with the builtin lower function as =lower(textamount(123)) will result in one hundred and twenty three.

Warning:  When files containing the textamount function are edited and saved on computers without the addin, the formula may be corrupted and display a #NAME? error in the cell when opened again.  As of version 1.0.3 of the addin, a facility has been provided which corrects the formula again.  Highlight the cell containing the formula, then select the Correct TextAmount formula option on the ribbon under Ian's Excel Addin.

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